Model of one Assembly Constituency

When we go about analyzing one assembly constituency, we try to collect as much information about it as possible and make it easy to understand.
We collect the following information :-

  1. Form-20 (Boothwise voting pattern) of previous elections.
  2. Boothwise Voter Lists
  3. Maps of the constituency, village boundaries, census information of the villages etc.
  4. Any other Village-Booth level information made available from the candidate (Worker’s names, local factors)

Based on such information, we make various reports on Village level. Such village level reports include :

  1. Age and Genderwise Split of Village population
  2. 10 or 15 most common surnames in that village and their voter counts.
  3. How that village voted in previous elections.
  4. Specific issues identified in that village.
  5. First time voters, families in that village.

We also create maps of the overall Constituency based on various parameters such as Vote share of a particular party, polling percentage, 3-way or 4-way fights and so on.

Based on the above maps, we help the political consultants design  the survey which is custom-made to trends in that village and sector. For example, if we are doing research for a first time candidate, we ask different questions to villages that have high vote share of incumbent MLA and to villages that have low vote shares.

We help in conducting surveys by providing Offline-Mobile based survey software that will upload responses to server whenever it connects to web. This helps to reduce the time in conducting and getting the results from the survey.

We present the findings of the survey in interactive web-based format as well as in print format for your detailed understanding and strategy planning.

Our Analysis is very methodical and we make best efforts to maintain accuracy. It helps the strategist and campaign planner to identify issues and make custom tailored plan of actions based on each village’s voting and demographic patterns.


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