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About ProNeta

Proneta provides analytical and technology support for a successful political campaign and beyond.

We are NOT A POLITICAL CONSULTANCY. We work with political consultants and decision makers to improve the effectiveness of their strategy.

If you run a Political consultancy or planning to run a political campaign of any size, you should take a look at our array of services for conducting effective campaigns enabled by technology and data analysis.

Analytics – Geography based village-booth level analysis of previous election results and voter profiles. Data Visualization and analysis are our main strengths.

Technology – Mobile Apps and websites that are developed in collaboration with our clients that help in collecting the right data with minimal effort and then using it for better election results. was started in 2017, in Pune. We have worked for clients all across India in VidhanSabha and LokSabha elections both at individual and Party levels.

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ProNeta is the election related analytics and technology division of ProDigi Technologies, Pune. Visit our website at

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