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Our Services

Political Research And Analysis Report

    State level Analysis

  • Detailed analysis of each assembly constituency based on election results since 2008 Delimitation
  • Bring in the local election results and leaders’ switches
  • Single page summary of each Assembly
  • Clustering of seats based on winner margin, multi-party contests, coalition dynamics, Party-Leader impact, Voter demographics.
  • Study of impact of Rallies, promises, issues.

    Assembly level Analysis (Part 1)

  • Analysis of each assembly constituency based on previous boothwise results (Form-20), voter lists and location maps.
  • Village wise single page reports
  • Clustering of villages on vote-share, coalition dynamics, Geographic issues, Voter demographics (Age-Gender-Surnames)
  • Study of impact of Rallies, promises, issues.
  • This reports form the basis of survey and strategy in the particular seat
  • War room dashboards and printed reports

    Assembly level Analysis (Part 2)

  • Booth/Polling location wise previous voting patterns.
  • Boothwise Most common surname.
  • Villagewise age and gender Split.
  • Villagewise new voters.
  • Villages that switch preference in LokSabha and VidhanSabha elections.
  • Villages that voted for the third party (e.g. MNS/Independent) in previous elections.
  • Villages where opponent needs the help of its alliance partner.
  • Villages where you need to take help of your alliance partner.
  • Villages that have different caste distribution than average.

Survey Softwares

    Survey Software

  • We Provide simple links for survey which can be conducted offline over mobile and will sync when online.
  • Ability to record Audio, Photo, Location in the form
  • Faster and more reliable data entry , reduced data cleaning efforts with quick results and analysis.
  • Will help with effective Visualization and presentation via dashboards/graphs
  • Reduces the turnaround time and cost of survey drastically.

Website Development and Online Presence Design

    Web Development

    We are good at putting together web and mobile experiences. We can develop impactful websites for candidates’s public campaign.

    Possible engagement with public through

  • Well coordinated Facebook Ask-Me-Anything sessions.
  • See work done by your MLA/MP on map.
  • Chatbot to communicate with your MLA.
  • Automated phone calls based on voter demography.
  • Better developed MLA website and Facebook page.