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ProNeta Electech - Other Services

1. Attendance Management apps

Do you have employees/workers working outside the office? Do you want to check whether they are visiting where they are Supposed to? Then Eshasan is the solution for you.

Employees have to take Geotagged Selfies through Eshasan app and upload to give attendance/record visit.

Summary dashboards available to Admins for monitoring attendance/visits along with maps.

Holidays and Leaves can be managed. Employees can be divided into Departments and areas with manager logins.

Separate App for automated location recording every 30min/1Hr also available.


2. Web and App Development

Politician/organization Website Development – Website giving basic info about the candidate / Organization with sections for Gallery, Blogs, News Coverage, Contact info, Photos etc.

Office Portals – Development of web portals with sign-up that helps in keeping the office info online and always available. Easy to fill forms for operators and useful dashboards for Admin for quick overview and administration

Mobile Apps – Custom Android app development as per requirements. Easy to use and reliable apps.

Custom applications like whatsapp chatbots, call center software, Location trackers etc. can be developed on demand.

3. Data Cleaning Services

  • Scanned PDF to plain text services – We use automation and OCR to extract text from scanned images and make them useable. Applicable when text from PDF cannot be copied easily.
  • PDF to Excel conversion – Converting PDFs into useable excels.
  • Name-Location matching services – Matching data from one database to that from other database e.g. Voterlist and EPIC numbers matched to telephone number etc. Matching Address with village lists etc. (Best results in English and Devnagari text)

4. Custom Analyticss

  • Data analytics and visualization services
  • We use top business analytics solutions like Tableau, PowerBI, Qliq etc. to deliver cutting edge analytics.
  • Varied output formats like Excel, PDF, Web dashboards, Web pages etc. as per needed.
  • Use of filled maps and location pins to display location data.
  • Python, Rshiny etc. for heavy duty analytics.

Experts with industry experience along with on ground data collection and cleaning give edge to business planning.